RPM East, LLC - Robs Pc Maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions
​Why do you NOT charge per hour?

We know that many computer issues can be a simple fix. If we are in your home for 20 mins, we cannot in good conscientious charge you $40 or $80. It is why we founded RPM, to offer quality service at a fair price.

What does a complete maintenance mean?

When we recommend a complete maintenance for your computer it consists of more than simply removing a virus, letting a defrag run and telling you all is well. We check all updates, remove viruses, clean the computer inside and out, and much more. This leaves you with a computer operating and looking as close to new as possible.

Why do you prefer to take computers offsite to maintenance?

To make sure your computer has a complete maintenance (as described above) it may take from 4 to 6 hours. We prefer to not intrude your private home for this amount of time (though if you prefer on site service we will accommodate you). Instead we pride ourselves on a quick turnaround time so you are only without your computer for a short time. 

Why are you called RPM?

We pride ourselves on a fast turnaround time. A complete maintenance which consists of 4 to 6 hours will still have your computer running fast and back in your home in one day. Typically we pick up one day and have it back to you the next.

Will I know my costs before you do any work?

We believe in transparency. No hidden fees. We keep you informed. You will always know your costs before we begin work. We are building long term customers by doing business the “right way”. We believe that in doing this you will return to us for service and trust us to refer to your friends and family.

​Why Does RPM suggest keeping with a scheduled maintenance for my computer?

Computers are machines.  No different than a routine oil change on your car, computers need updates, virus removal, and performance checks to keep them running to their full potential.  It also allows us to be aware of any performance issues for our clients which could suddenly cause a loss of priceless data, pictures, or videos.   To avoid this scenario, we offer a routine maintenance option for your computer.  This is offered at a significantly reduced rate and allows us to watch for potential issues while keeping your computer running like new year after year.